Return Flights 162

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Return Flights 162

Post by TartanSeagull on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:53 am

....on Expedia.....

05th Sept Wed: 18:25 Dept Edi (Lorna & I are on this one)
05th Sept Wed: 21:25 Arrive Frankfurt

06th Sept Thu: 13:25 Dept Frank
06th Sept Thu: 18:25 Arrive Moscow

10th Sept Mon: 09:20 Dept Moscow
10th Sept Mon: 10:30 Arrive Frank
10th Sept Mon: 16:50 Dept Frank (Lorna & I are on this one)
10th Sept Mon: 17:40 Arrive Edi

Bargain Price, the 6 hours wait in Frankfurt may look like a killer, but as you are with Luthfansa the whole way, your bag could be checked through all the way from Moscow to Edinbugh.

Frankfurt has it's own Train Station. There are trains every 15mins to the city centre for a dander, it takes 10 mins on the train.

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